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PC Uses AR Glasses to Create a 100-inch Virtual Workspace

This PC Uses AR Glasses to Create a 100-inch Virtual Workspace, and Yes, it Actually Works

Designed for ultra-multitaskers who crave more screens, this device offers a remarkable virtual workspace. As someone who enjoys a multi-screen setup, I initially doubted the need for 100 inches and nearly 180 degrees of display space. However, once surrounded by screens with minimal weight on my nose, I could easily see myself embracing the AR-laptop lifestyle, becoming that peculiar person at Starbucks with this setup.

Sightful CEO Tamir Berliner told Gizmodo that laptops haven’t significantly evolved in decades. Mobile computers have followed the same design for so long that innovation seems stagnant. Yet, people know exactly what they need from their laptops, and a poor keyboard, trackpad, or slightly lower benchmarks can doom a device when alternatives are readily available.

The Spacetop features a Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS8550 with an Adreno 740 GPU, 16 GB of RAM, and a base storage of 128 GB, with higher-end options up to 102 GB. I’d like to benchmark it against other PCs, but I didn’t experience any lag or stuttering while using multiple windows simultaneously.

The AR glasses have OLED displays with a 90 Hz refresh rate and a 50-degree field of view. Slightly modified for the Spacetop G1, these lightweight glasses provided a clear reading experience without the focusing or blurring issues seen in smaller AR screens like Lenovo’s Legion Glasses. However, the narrower field of view compared to full VR headsets means more neck craning to view the entire virtual desktop.

The keyboard is crucial to the design. If typing isn’t up to par, the device could fail. The keys resemble Apple’s Magic Keyboard but lack brand-specific keys. While the typing experience wasn’t the best, with the keys feeling somewhat hollow and having minimal travel, it was adequate. The trackpad, a smooth glass surface, stood out for its ability to handle multiple gestures required for UI control.

What Kind of Software Is the Spacetop G1 Using?
While the hardware works well, the software raised some concerns during my demo, which is understandable given that the final release is months away. Sightful’s developers said the OS is a heavily modified version of AOSP (Android Open Source Project), supporting multiple windows and mouse depth tracking. There’s a single bar at the bottom of the view for opening apps, though currently, only a few apps work natively on the Spacetop. For apps like Instagram or YouTube, the browser version is used.

Berliner plans to release more AR-specific applications, but there’s no timeline for their availability. Despite the challenges, the Spacetop fits neatly into a backpack’s laptop holder, with a satisfying cover snap and no special cable winding required.

To pre-order, you need to put down a $100 deposit on the company’s website. The Spacetop will be released in October at a cost of $1,900. Those who wear glasses can order prescription lenses that attach magnetically to the Spacetop’s AR glasses.

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